Web development

We are a full-cycle development agency providing a wide spectrum of services for clients in medical, insurance, e-commerce, entertainment as well as other fields.

Cloud technology

Clouds will enable your business an unlimited opportunity for growth. Our trained specialists will make sure your data is kept safe and secure in the cloud.

Support 24x7

Our support and administration services brings confidence and produces a healthy workflow.


Be confident by choosing us as your developer. We offer a wide range of services:

Web Development

We develop great looking front-end, high quality backend for iOS, Android or Web applications with latest security trends in mind.

Migration to Cloud

Ensure unlimited and secure growth of your organization by migrating business to Amazon Web Services™.


Our trained specialists will perform rigorous automatic and manual testing to produce a comprehensive report and indicate where an application falls short.


In case your business requires an unbiased opinion from a third party, we will gladly advise and hint towards the right course of action.

Serverless and Containers

Looking for a simple and low-maintenance solution? Going big, want to have full power to debug and monitor? Best to use Serverless and Container technologies.

Support 24x7

Customers can count on our support and administration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round.

About us

We are a team of skilled developers based in Latvia, Europe.

Historically, Latvia is known for outstanding customer service and exceptional quality of products. We are proud to continue the tradition by offering our clients remarkable service and are packing our software with high quality technology.

Are you searching for a full cycle IT agency? Look no further! We are experienced in working with startups and enterprises around the world. Our portfolio includes projects in medical, insurance, e-commerce and entertainment fields. We can deliver a beautiful high quality product for your business and provide a solution that will make your customers happy for years to come. Our technology stack is feature packed and is future proof. We are huge on cloud services, containers and serverless technologies. Does your business require a lightweight solution or there is an urgent need for a feature packed system with a wide range of monitoring tools? We can develop either one.

We are also huge supporters of no-nonsense business. If the job does not fit us or our skillset, we will gladly offer you a premium alternative. We like what we do and are proud of our accomplishments. Our main goal is to provide businesses a quality product that is future proof, secure and highly usable.

Why choose us

Our team has worked on a wide range of projects. We are known for creating MVP’s, full-stack projects as well as security analytics and fixes for various corporate settings. We will provide no-nonsense premium service.

Customer Support

In a time of a crisis, customers can rely on our support and administration services.

Dedication to customers

We stay true to our commitments and value every customer.

Delivery on time

With our efficient development strategies, our products are delivered to customers on time.

Professional attitude

We value customers security and will comply with any non-disclosure agreement.

Client’s Feedback

Here is what customers have to say about our services:

Sumeet Maniar, CEO

Sumeet Maniar

CEO / CTO, WellBrain Inc.

A2 has successfully delivered an app that's allowed us to generate revenue and interest. Their efforts have been critical in helping us give more people the tools to practice mindfulness.

Quality products & customer satisfaction
Are our top priorities